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Texas Lottery Mega Millions is one of the largest lotto games available for Americans to play today. This TX lotto game's massive jackpots – rolling jackpots that start at $40 million – also make it one of the more popular lotteries, with 131,487,294 tickets sold to Texans in 2017. So, what do you need to know if you are new to playing TX Mega Millions? Here are the basics on how to put yourself in the running for a life-changing jackpot win.
How Many Numbers Are in The Mega Millions?

Players choose their lucky numbers for the Texas Mega Millions Lottery from a field of numbers from 1 to 70. You will need to choose 5 numbers from that field. Once you have picked your 5 regular numbers, you will then need to pick a Mega Ball number from a second field, which runs from 1 to 25. So, all in all, you will choose 6 numbers to make up your personal lucky number combination and be ready to make your play for a TX Mega Millions Prize.

What Are the Payouts for The Mega Millions?

The Texas Mega Millions Lottery offers many ways to win, with different payout for each of them. The biggest payouts go to jackpot winners, which are players who hold tickets with numbers that match all 5 regular numbers and the Mega Ball number picked as the winning numbers in a drawing. These big winners will be awarded a prize of at least $40 million. However, since the jackpot for this lotto game is a rolling one, the prize amount is often much higher.

A recent example was the January 9, 2018 drawing, where the jackpot was $40 million. Since there was no jackpot winner in that drawing, the prize rolled over. It continued to be rolled into consecutive drawings until a winning ticket was sold for the March 30, 2018 drawing. By then the pot had grown to $521 million – quite a payout for that lucky winning ticket holder.

Matching just some of the winning numbers drawn can yield other, smaller prizes. For example, these are the prizes – other than the $340 million jackpot – for the July 13, 2018 drawing, according to the Texas Lottery website:

  • Matched all 5 regular numbers: $1 million
  • Matched 4 regular numbers plus the Mega Ball number: $10,000
  • Matched 4 regular numbers only: $500
  • Matched 3 regular numbers plus the Mega Ball number: $200
  • Matched 3 regular numbers only: $10
  • Matched 2 regular numbers plus the Mega Ball number: $10
  • Matched 1 regular number plus the Mega Ball number: $4
  • Matched just the Mega Ball number: $2

Another thing to know about Texas Mega Millions Lottery payouts is that they are higher for players who choose the Megaply option when they get their tickets. For an extra fee, these players can see their winnings multiplied by up to 5 times, and this feature applies to all prizes except the jackpot.

In the July 13, 2018 drawing, 77,767 Texans won prizes, and 22,364 of those winners increased their winnings by using the Megaply feature.

Do You Win Anything If You Have Two Numbers on The Mega Millions?

While there are many ways to win when you play Texas Mega Millions, matching just 2 regular numbers is not one of them. However, if one of your two numbers is the Mega Ball number, you will win a small prize.

Now that you know the basics, it is time to pick your lucky numbers and get your tickets. You could visit a local lotto retailer to buy tickets but ordering your tickets online will get you your shot at the jackpot without waiting in line.