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As a LottoGopher member, you can safely order lottery tickets for each jackpot or you can subscribe to automatically get tickets for every drawing. Never miss a chance at the jackpot!

Order Tickets Online

Order MEGA Million, SuperLotto Plus and POWERBALL tickets in California for the exact same price as the store. Use your credit card and order from the comfort of home- no need to run out to the store!

Online Account Manager

Easily manage your past and current lottery ticket orders with your personalized dashboard. See all of your numbers, winnings, groups and orders on an easy-to-use profile page. Never lose a paper lottery ticket again!

Socialize in the Forum

Engage the LottoGopher community with reading and posting in our member forums. Here you will learn more about lottery tips, tricks and strategies with user generated content by other LottoGopher members.

Lucky Number Pickers

We offer a variety of apps to choose your lucky numbers. At LottoGopher, we've designed several fun ways for you to pick your numbers using common lotto strategy or just a quick pick. Of course you can always choose your own numbers, we've just provided a few fun ways to pick the lucky ones!

Lottery Analytics Tools

This tool gives you access to the results of past drawings. That way you can determine if you want to play a "hot" number or one that you think is "due to hit". Each number is ranked by the number of times it has hit during the duration of drawings you specify.

Your Membership, The Way You Want It

At LottoGopher, we pride ourselves in creating the most simple user experience possible. It has never been more convenient to participate in the CA lottery. We offer three options for membership to order lotto online. Order POWERBALL, MEGA Million, and SuperLotto Plus online lottery tickets with either a monthly or an annual membership. Spread the cost over the year, or make a one-time annual payment to save money. Membership gives you access to our other useful tools and forums, including our Lucky Number Picker apps and our Past Winning Number Analyzer. Get started and safely order your lottery online tickets with LottoGopher today!

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