Powerballers 2013

Not-in-the-Office Pool Players

If you play the lottery in a pool with of friends or co-workers and there are less than 20 of you, come and join our group. Or even if you were THINKING about putting together a small pool but didn’t want to deal with running it, this is the group for you. “Former Office Pool Players” is made up of a number of groups that used to play in a traditional pool and got tired of trying to manage it on our own. Now we play in one big group and all of the ticket buying and accounting is handled for us on LottoGopher. Some of our sub-groups also run private pools with just their members as well. When you join, tell us your office-pool horror story or the friendships ruined in disputes over money. There is a secretary that had to eat the cost of tickets after 6 months of “pay you next week but I want in” from a manager who ended up quitting and never paying. There is also a large family that didn’t speak to each other for a month when mom lost the week’s numbers and bought a stack of losing tickets. And now we’re all here- none of us dealing with trying to manage a pool on our own. Basically, if you already play with friends or want to, this group is sort of a “maxi-pool”. We are a bunch of small groups combining forces to get better odds by playing together. Come on in and bring a few friends.

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