Hollywood Players Club

We are mostly Los Angeles-area lottery fans in the media, entertainment, mu...

Our goal is to be the first group on LottoGopher to hit the MEGA Millions Jackpot. There is a little bit of networking that goes on since we are all in the LA area and it seems like the entertainment industry doesn’t just include tv, movies and music anymore. Because we work hard at what we do- throwing projects and deals out there all the time- we also try to make the odds work on our favor by playing in this group. We welcome anyone in the area that is doing something interesting or just hoping to. We all play in every drawing to make sure we’re always “in the game”. Hence the name Hollywood Players Club. By playing in a group, we’re trying to make the lottery more of a community experience and spread the fun of winning around town. Group maxes out at 50 members. We like to keep it a group that knows people that know people, so feel free to invite other people who do business in film, radio, television, music, art, restaurants, publicity, advertising, marketing, technology, internet or are somehow related to those types of industries.

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