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Our goal is to be the first group on LottoGopher to hit the MEGA Millions Jackpot. There is a little bit of networking that goes on since we are all in the LA area and it seems like the entertainment industry doesn’t just include tv, movies and music anymore. Because we work hard at what we do- throwing projects Click to Read More >

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All Group Statistics
Group name Lottery Game MANAGER Draws with Winners
California MEGA Wi.. Up and Coming MEGA Millions LuckySarah 64%
Hollywood Players .. Due for a win MEGA Millions Kimberly1 14%
The William Shatne.. Up and Coming MEGA Millions LuckySarah 50%
SuperLotto Number .. Up and Coming Super Lotto Plus SanDiegoDebb 52%
The FIRST Powerbal.. Up and Coming Powerball LuckySarah 32%
Powerball Power Te.. Due for a win Powerball SanDiegoDebb 12%
The Kevin Harringt.. Due for a win Powerball LuckySarah 0%
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