California Mega Guys n Gals

The jackpot that will go out to all the Cali Guys & Girls!

Calling all California guys and girls who want to have fun and have a chance to win the MegMillions Jackpot together. Lots of interaction, sharing tips and a good community atmosphere. Like most people, we all played the lottery alone up until now. It wasn’t all that fun to just have the ticket in our wallet and check the numbers by ourselves. The whole point is to be excited about the possibilities and we all want to share that anticipation with every drawing. Now that we have this group, our odds of winning are higher so we bring in prizes more often. When the Jackpot gets big, we want to hear what you’re going to do with the money when we eventually win it. The crazier the idea, the better… This is LA, San Fran, OC, Inland Empire and San Diego-heavy, but we are looking to bring in cool people from all over the state. A lot of us also buy Single Tickets to play outside of the group as well, and bragging is acceptable if in fact you collect a nice prize that way. But our overall goal here is to have the lucky numbers for a Jackpot that will go out to all the Cali Guys & Girls!

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