California MEGA Winners Circle

This is the founding group of California MEGA Millions players. We welcome ...

Everyone in our group is looking to increase our odds of winning the MEGA Millions Jackpot. Some of us have multiple subscriptions in this one group in order to get a bigger percentage of the winnings, both big and small. Some of us also play in other groups to share in more tickets, but frankly we think this is the best group (haha) We are a mixed group of younger and older players who all understand that by pooling our tickets we have much better chance at bringing in money each drawing. Since the odds of winning any prize in MEGA Millions is 40 to 1, we actually tend to win something every week! Our Members are in it for the long term- a number of us just bought a few subscriptions to “set it and forget it” so we know we’re always playing no matter what. Yes, we believe in the “You Can’t Win If You Don’t Play” slogan! Anyone in Cali can join us. Hopefully we’ll all meet in Sacramento one day when we go to collect that oversized check.

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