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    Everyone in this group should join the larger Super Lotto group: All Lucky California Lotto Winners. It is a widely known statistical FACT that the ONLY way to increase your chances of winning the lottery is to have more tickets that you can win with. This is the whole purpose of pooling ticket into groups. The more tickets there are in the group, the more likely one of those tickets hits and everybody splits the jackpot. It's simple math. Since All Lucky California Lotto Winners already has almost 30 pooled tickets and this group only has 3 or so, everyone in this group should pool their tickets into the other group to increase everyone's chances of winning. The other group has a maximum of 50 tickets that can be pooled, so we should maximize the number of tickets in that group before starting another. This is not a competition to see who has the most members. If we all pool our tickets into a single group, we increase our odds of winning. It's that simple.

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