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    Just a suggestion for the website but,how about a breakdown on total players to be shown in a pool.

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    If you put one ticket into each of the currently 13 available groups then you increase the odds of each of those groups to win a prize by putting additional tickets into these groups you continue to increase those odds. This being said, if you put more tickets into the larger groups then you increase the odds of the group winning more prizes just because of the larger ticket numbers in that group. If you play in the smaller groups or solo, then your odds of winning a prize are much lower. When putting your tickets into the larger groups, you almost always win some kind prize (try it), so you have a chance to buy more tickets with your winnings instead of buying more tickets from your wallet. If you use your winnings to buy more tickets instead of cashing out, you can increase your (and the groups) odds even more.

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    When playing in groups you add tickets to that group and share in all winnings that group gets. If you play 3 tickets in one group that has 50 tickets in that group and the jackpot is 50 million (and the only winning ticket), then your share is 3 million dollars. You get 3 shares of the 50 shares in the prize. This works with smaller winnings as well. If you keep the same 3 tickets in that group on a recurring basis, you will always get your winnings from that group times 3. If you use your winnings to buy more tickets instead of cashing out, you can increase your (and the groups) odds even more.

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    Everyone in this group should join the larger MEGA Millions group: California MEGA Winners Circle. It is a widely known statistical FACT that the ONLY way to increase your chances of winning the lottery is to have more tickets that you can win with. This is the whole purpose of pooling ticket into groups. The more tickets there are in the group, the more likely one of those tickets hits and everybody splits the jackpot. It's simple math. Since California MEGA Winners Circle already has over 50 pooled tickets and this group only has 13 or so, everyone in this group should pool their tickets into the other group to increase everyone's chances of winning. The other group has a maximum of 100 tickets that can be pooled, so we should maximize the number of tickets in that group before starting another. LuckySarah, why did you start another group when neither has maximized the number of tickets that can be pooled? Can you delete one of them?

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