• bucraebearcub icon
  • bucraebearcub

    Testing -- Been long time since using tickets in group..... Does anyone know how to create public group? Anyone from Southern California area?

  • Doomsdayjohn icon
  • Doomsdayjohn

    How do you check group numbers to see if they have won after the draw

  • Doomsdayjohn icon
  • Doomsdayjohn

    About prize distribution you should email support let us know the answer

  • cohenpr icon
  • cohenpr

    Can someone confirm how dividing the prize works? ONE person said if there are 50 people and a ticket wins, everybody gets 1/50th of the prize regardless of how many tickets they put in. ANOTHER person says it you put in 3 tickets in that example, you'd get 3/50 of the winnings. Which is correct? Just started playing in groups, hope it helps and thanks for doing it!

  • OnetimeFred icon
  • OnetimeFred

    How do I make a public group? Why is the group that I just created automatically set to "private"? thanks

  • lottocal icon
  • lottocal

    If you put one ticket into each of the currently 13 available groups then you increase the odds of each of those groups to win a prize by putting additional tickets into these groups you continue to increase those odds. This being said, if you put more tickets into the larger groups then you increase the odds of the group winning more prizes just because of the larger ticket numbers in that group. If you play in the smaller groups or solo, then your odds of winning a prize are much lower. When putting your tickets into the larger groups, you almost always win some kind prize (try it), so you have a chance to buy more tickets with your winnings instead of buying more tickets from your wallet. If you use your winnings to buy more tickets instead of cashing out, you can increase your (and the groups) odds even more.

  • lottocal icon
  • lottocal

    When playing in groups you add tickets to that group and share in all winnings that group gets. If you play 3 tickets in one group that has 50 tickets in that group and the jackpot is 50 million (and the only winning ticket), then your share is 3 million dollars. You get 3 shares of the 50 shares in the prize. This works with smaller winnings as well. If you keep the same 3 tickets in that group on a recurring basis, you will always get your winnings from that group times 3. If you use your winnings to buy more tickets instead of cashing out, you can increase your (and the groups) odds even more.

  • LuckyDuck22 icon
  • LuckyDuck22

    It looks like we have all the Bonus numbers covered, so we should win at least $0.01 or $0.02...

  • d_optimizer icon
  • d_optimizer

    As I read through the way the group winnings are split up in the case of a win, are in conflict with what I have read as an answer to the question which was something to the affect of "if I bought X # of tickets, if the group wins would I get a share of the winning based on the amount tickets entries personally shared?" I believe it is stated pretty clearly that all winnings, jack pots or other wise, are split up (equally between the group member) involved during that drawing. Feel free to read for yourself & correct me if I am mistaken. Personally, I entered 3 sets of different numbers in this group. I know that only 1 set of #'s can win. The group setting is all about increasing the odds by coming together. If you want a bigger part of the pie play your numbers solo and take your chances that no one else in any other States involved picked the same winning #'s as you. With that said, I wish us all the best of luck!

  • CMYK icon
  • CMYK

    You can't win if you don't play. Just joined the group!

  • kevinking icon
  • kevinking

    Just joined up and looking forward to tonight's $15 Million MEGA Millions drawing. There's a $171,000 Fantasy 5 drawing tonight as well, but since LottoGopher doesn't sell those tickets, I can't pool them. So, I guess I'll have to keep all the Fantasy 5 winnings myself! Good luck to us all!

  • Amgsix3 icon
  • Amgsix3

    LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!-Brian Orange COunty

  • pball icon
  • pball

    Hello, we can have a new beginning with the new mega setup. Lets put all of our tickets to this group. Good Luck!

  • pball icon
  • pball

    We should put our tickets into one group to have a better chance to win. The only way to increase the adds to have more tickets in the same group.

  • lottocal icon
  • lottocal

    Hi, I know it can be a little challenging to get this all figured out. 1st...buy tickets by clicking on the top on "Order Lottery Tickets" 2nd...decide which tickets to buy (powerball, megamillions, or superlotto) 3rd...decide on 8 tickets or 1, remember to check subscription or one time purchase (I like to get the subscription and forgetaboutit) 4th...once the tickets have been bought, go to your profile page and click on "My Tickets". When you click on any of the tickets you can choose to play them in any group or solo. I play the groups with the most tickets to increase my odds. I don't play solo.

  • 1M icon
  • 1M

    Count me in for the next drawing. (:

  • Dkeighley icon
  • Dkeighley

    I just joined today, hoping to bring luck to us all! My father played his lucky numbers until he passed away 16 years ago and I've been playing since then. They haven't come up yet, but they will eventually!

  • lena6 icon
  • lena6

    HEY!!! i like the cheer in this group!!! it does my heart glad!!! I have a promise to keep,so lets win this,ok guys!!!

  • Kekoa Kahanu icon
  • Kekoa Kahanu

    Sup everyone...just joined! Hope we win some mayjah money!!! I don't know how all this works, but I wish luck to all of you!

  • dcooley1 icon
  • dcooley1

    As I saw a Mega Million winners used Visualization-writing down amount of $$ ($112 milliion)..& put it under her pillow.. the amount I wished for is today, so I am ready lets WIN & Claim this prize! ;)

  • Nrabbit icon
  • Nrabbit

    Beginners Luck could be the help to win this! hi everyone.... when I win I will be taking a long distance ride across the united states and hitting every destination that means anything.

  • LuckySarah icon
  • LuckySarah

    Yes mrsjtx13- if you put 2 tickets in, you get 2 shares of the prize

  • platinumdetails icon
  • platinumdetails

    Just bought 80 tickets for the next drawing on Tuesday the 10th !!!!!!!! Let's win this thing !!!!!!!!

  • lmsgoodcheer icon
  • lmsgoodcheer

    Thanks Doggyspot. I'm happy for my $.06. First time & first win. Yahoo. I'm easy to please & looking forward to more wins from this lucky group.

  • lmsgoodcheer icon
  • lmsgoodcheer

    Just joined and hope my goodcheer & good luck brings good fortune for all of us.

  • mrsjtx13 icon
  • mrsjtx13

    If you put two tickets in does it mean you get two shares of the prize? Sorry im confused.

  • Diego Dancer icon
  • Diego Dancer

    I just joined and I bring lots of luck to you all, including myself!!! I love money, I love feeling free with lots of money to share and to spare and I look forward to winning with you very happy and lucky people too! Play on! Thanks for having me! Diego Dancer

  • juiceman icon
  • juiceman

    how do I see how many tickets the other players in my group are bringing to the table each drawing?

  • woomenow icon
  • woomenow

    can somene out siide califonia jojn this group, i am in montreal canada

  • DrDavid icon
  • DrDavid

    Hey there San Diego Debb- yes I'm watching and waiting too- thinking BIG WIN

  • SanDiegoDebb icon
  • SanDiegoDebb

    Tonight is $16million- c'mon everyone...think BIG WIN in half hour from now

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