The "Set It & Forget It" Option

Do you already know what your lucky numbers are and play them every week? LottoGopher makes it easy to order those numbers once- then they will play in every drawing after! We handle all of the purchasing and prize collections for you, and you are automatically billed each month. Simply choose the Subscription option when ordering a "Set of 8" to activate this feature.

Pooling Tickets

TIP: The more subscriptions you have, the more groups you can join and the more you improve your odds of winning the jackpot!

By joining one of our online groups to pool your tickets with up to 100 other players, you greatly increase your chances of winning. If anyone in your group wins, everyone shares the prize – just like in an office pool! Each subscription gives you a single ticket in each of the next 8 drawings. Each ticket can be pooled in a Group, giving you up to 100 chances to win 8 times a month and increasing your odds as shown in the table below.

Number of Subscriptions Tickets You Can Share In A Group Odds of Winning Are 1 In* Increased Jackpot Chances By
Playing Alone 0 175,711,536 0%
1 100 1,757,115 10,000%
2 200 878,558 20,000%
5 500 351,423 50,000%
10 1000 175,712 100,000%
15 1500 117,141 150,000%
20 2000 87,856 200,000%
25 2500 70,285 250,000%
50 5000 35,142 500,000%
*If all pooled in groups of 100
Strategies For Choosing Groups:
Lucky Number Strategy
  • Find the HOT groups that are winning often
  • Find the DUE groups that are overdue for a big prize
  • Play in a group that employs number selection strategies that appeal to you
Lucky Number Pickers
Making Group Play More Fun
  • Join a group that shares your interests
  • Play with people who live in your local area
  • Play in a group with lots of interaction between members?? or less if that's what you prefer!
Search Groups
Increase Your Odds & Returns
  • Join multiple groups playing the same lottery game
  • Also join groups playing the other lottery games available in your state
  • Play multiple subscriptions in the same group for an increase share of the winnings
Join a Group
Create your own group and invite friends to play with you
  • Create a group to play with people you know and share the fun
  • The more groups you create, the more chances to win you can share
  • Invite more people to join your groups to increase the number of chances to win
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