Invite Your Friends

Invite friends to become LottoGopher members and earn FREE "Single Play" tickets for the lottery game of your choice! For each friend that becomes a member of LottoGopher, your account will be credited. As you reach the next Reward Level, you will receive an alert with a promotional code for free "Single Play" tickets to play in any drawing or to pool in any group of your choosing. Start inviting friends today to see how quickly you can earn free lottery play!

Earn up to 2,000 free tickets!
Invite Friends

Free tickets when you invite your friends!

Reward Level # of Invited Friends Free "Single Play" Tickets
Quartz 5 10
Bronze 10 20
Silver 20 40
Pearl 35 70
Emerald 50 100
Gold 75 150
Ruby 100 200
Sapphire 250 500
Platinum 500 1,000
Diamond 1,000 2,000