Play in Lottery Groups Boost your chances of winning by playing your tickets with other Californians!

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Order Mega Millions, SuperLotto Plus and POWERBALL tickets in California for the exact same price as the store. Use your credit card to buy.

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Browse groups to pool tickets and increase your odds of winning. Public lottery pools range from 2 to 100 members per group.

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Add tickets to group

Go to 'My Account', click 'My Tickets' and 'Add to Group' for your selected tickets. If anyone in the group wins, you all share the prize!

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The Benefits

Strategies For Choosing Groups

Lucky Number Strategy

  • Find the HOT groups that are winning often
  • Find the DUE groups that are overdue for a big prize
  • Play in a group that employs number selection strategies that appeal to you

Making Group Play More Fun

  • Join a group that shares your interests
  • Play with people who live in your local area
  • Play in a group with lots of interaction between members or less if that's what you prefer!

Increase Your Odds & Returns

  • Join multiple groups playing the same lottery game
  • Also join groups playing the other lottery games available in your state
  • Play multiple subscriptions in the same group for an increase share of the winnings

Create Your Own Group

  • Create a group to play with people you know and share the fun
  • The more groups you create, the more chances to win
  • Invite more people to join your groups to increase the number of chances to win

Public Groups

Browse groups to pool your tickets in

Play in Groups Today!

The only proven way to increase your chances of winning the lottery is to have more tickets. LottoGopher provides an inexpensive way to play more tickets by joining Groups. Now you have the option to play alone or create your own online groups to pool tickets with your friends and share the winnings... just like the office lottery pool. LottoGopher also offers anyone the chance to join our public groups to meet and play together. If anyone in your group wins, everyone wins!

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