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Ordering Lottery Tickets Online at

As you might have seen recently on NBC, CBS, Fox News or in Forbes Magazine, allows you to order your California lottery tickets online.

Our Members can order tickets for $1 each for MegaMillions & SuperLotto and $2 for Powerball- the same price as the store- from the comfort of home. Become a LottoGopher Member to order your tickets at:

How It Works:

Ordering Lottery Tickets Online: LottoGopher offers ticket ordering for Powerball, MegaMillions and SuperLotto Plus in California for just $1 each. Our members may order lottery tickets for each jackpot or can subscribe to never miss a drawing.

Join Public Lottery Pools: LottoGopher has various themed public lottery pools from 2 to 100 members per group. Any member of LottoGopher can also create their own public lottery group for other members to join.

Create Private Lottery Pools: As a LottoGopher member, you may create a private lottery pool and invite friends and members via private invitation. Set up a private group for friends and family or bring your office pool online.

Here is a hint to increase the odds of winning: join a group to pool tickets. If anyone in the group wins, you all share the prize:

For other winning strategy tips, click here:

All benefits and features of LottoGopher are only available to our members. These features and benefits are all included and available with your paid membership.

Lucky Number Pickers: A variety of ways to choose your lucky numbers. At LottoGopher, we’ve designed several fun ways for you to pick your numbers using common lotto strategy or just a quick pick. Of course you can always choose your own numbers, we’ve just provided a few fun ways to pick the lucky ones!

Past Winning Number Analyzers: This tool gives you access to the results of past drawings. That way you can determine if you want to play a “hot” number or one that is “due to hit”. Each number is ranked by the number of times it has hit in any range of drawings you specify.

Lottery Player Tips: The LottoGopher team provides members with tips, jackpot alerts and results. Also, the monthly newsletter, blog and social media profiles are strong resources for lotto player tips.

Member Forum: Engage the LottoGopher community with reading and posting in our member forums. Here you will learn more about lottery tips, tricks, strategies with user generated content by other LottoGopher members.

Ticket Pooling Strategies: LottoGopher offers a variety of ways to pool your tickets in both public and private groups. Along with being able to pool your tickets, we will equip you with hints, strategies and tell you which pools are hot for any given drawing.

Community Networking: Play with people you know or complete strangers. As a LottoGopher member you can send messages, comment on blogs, create your own forum posts and much more. Create a network to play with and win!

Monthly Newsletter: Each month LottoGopher will email a newsletter to all our members. The newsletter will include content such as player tips, strategy, lottery news, LottoGopher member stories and more!

Lottery News Blog Access: Each week the LottoGopher blog is updated with lottery news, lottery scam alerts, current technology trends, jackpot winner stories and more. Comment, write and keep up-to-date with all things going on with LottoGopher.

Also, don’t forget that by inviting friends you earn free tickets:

Finally, you can always see your past and current tickets, manage billing options and check winning numbers on your account Profile page.

Good Luck!

-The LottoGopher Team


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