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Let’s face it: the 9 to 5 grind can get pretty monotonous. We sit in our office all day long, stare at our computer screen, and work on the same daily tasks. We spend our days counting down until the clock hits 5:00 pm — only to repeat it all over again the next morning. This can result in poor office morale, which may negatively affect employees’ productivity, work product, personal development, relationships between colleagues, company profit and more. That’s no way to live!

In order to boost office morale, companies can create a positive and fun work environment where employees can interact with one another beyond just their work. Common ways to do this include celebrating birthdays, holding company sponsored events, and providing snacks and catered lunches.

However, we’d like to propose another great way to boost office morale: Playing the lottery in a group with your colleagues!

Here at LottoGopher, we make it so easy to play in groups! Simply create a private lottery group and invite up to 100 of your co-workers to join. If anyone in your group wins, everyone shares the prize!

We manage the entire process for you. Gone are the days where you will have to walk around collecting money, remember to get to the store on time, or worry about splitting up the winnings correctly. We take care of all of that online, so you can just enjoy the process (and your winnings!).

Over the years, there have been many success stories of co-workers playing the lottery. In June 2011, 20 co-workers at a Costco store in Melville, New York earned $201.9 million in the PowerBall jackpot. In November 2016, 20 co-workers from Tennessee won the $420.9 million PowerBall jackpot. In March 2018, 31 refinery workers from a small Canadian town won the CAD$60 million jackpot (about $46.7 million USD). Maybe your office will be next!

All of these winners have something in common: They formed an unshakeable bond with their colleagues when they won the lottery! In addition to growing closer as a group, playing the lottery with your co-workers will increase motivation, boost your energy, and establish camaraderie. It will create a happy and fun work environment for everyone! Just imagine how much happier you’ll be to have something to look forward to each day, other than it being 5:00 pm!

So what are you waiting for? Create an office group today! Go here to check it out:

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