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Recently, we shared our top five benefits of playing the lottery online with LottoGopher. However, one of the top benefits is that we make online lottery pools easy to organize and easy to use. Whether you create your own group or join an existing group of other lottery enthusiasts, we do all the hard work so you can focus on having fun and winning the jackpot. Read on to learn three ways to make group play more fun!

1) Create a Group from your Online Social Networks

We all spend so much time online, so why not create a lottery group with other members of your social network? Whether it’s your Twitter or Instagram followers, Facebook friends, LinkedIn network, online forum members, or email address book, the skies the limit!

Find other moms, dog lovers and cooking enthusiasts to play the lottery with. Playing with members of your social network is a great way to bond and increase your online interaction with others. Wherever there is a community of people, you will find other lottery fans!

2) Play with People Who Live in your Local Area and Share Your Interests

If you play the lottery with local community members that share your interests, you’ll be more eager to get involved and more invested in the winning outcome! You can pool lottery tickets with members of your civic organization, sports team, hobby club, office, union or other local community groups. Sharing the excitement of winning the jackpot with your group is so much fun and will bring you closer together.  You can even designate portions of the winnings to give back to your local organization!

3) Play in a Group Creates Lots of Interaction between Members

 Playing in a group with very active members only increases the fun! Our lottery pools are designed to be interactive: Group members can send messages to each other and post pictures and videos to the group forum. The more you interact with other lottery fans, the more fun the game will be!

If you’re ready to have some fun, join a lottery group today!

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