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man wins lottery twice

It’s not every day that a man wins the lottery twice in one year, or really ever. Apparently “quit while you’re ahead” doesn’t apply to the lottery. A man in Charlotte named Michael Buinicky won $100,000 and then just five weeks later won $750,000. An Air Force vet, the lucky guy originally thought he’d won $10,000, but upon closer inspection had actually won $100,000. What did he do with his lottery winnings? He helped his son graduate from college and then helped his only daughter buy a house. That’s kind of the dream isn’t it?

Now that he’s won an additional $750,000 (March, 2018) and has taken care of his family, the man plans on spending his winnings on finally making himself happy. He is operating purely under a “treat yo self” mentality. According to Buinicky he’s going to “get a ’66 Corvette and fix it up,” adding “I can see it now. It’s going to be amazing.”

Here he is winning his first lottery:

Oh and just in case you were wondering, he got his winnings off of a scratcher. Traditional means of winning the lottery usually increase your chances of winning because less people are using them.

And it really just goes to show that you’ll truly never win if you never try.

In California, you can logically and mathematically increase your chances of winning the lottery by playing with LottoGopher. It’s a site that allows you to play with friends in the first true social lottery platform in California. Every state in the U.S. is different, but LottoGopher has been helping out Californians for years now.

Maybe this Air Force vet ha it coming, maybe it was karma, or maybe it was just the numbers. It makes sense that he would win twice. You get a fresh start every time you play. There are no carryover statistics. You never know.

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