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With Powerball and MEGA Millions jackpots both worth over $350 million, it’s really a great time try Group Play when you order your lottery tickets online at LottoGopher.

We’ve said it before. As the lottery jackpot grows, so does the number of people purchasing tickets. But that doesn’t mean your odds of winning decreases.  It only means that there’s a greater chance that someone else has picked the same numbers as you, and that means splitting the jackpot, if your numbers come up.

When you are splitting a jackpot as big as tonight’s $382 million MEGA Millions jackpot – or tomorrow’s $356 million Powerball jackpot – with one or two – or 100 – other people, you’re still going to be taking home a large amount of prize money.

Better yet, you can purchase your MEGA Millions or Powerball ticket online at LottoGopher, and choose to place your ticket in one of LottoGopher’s public online lottery pools to increase your odds of winning significantly.

Up to 100 tickets can be pooled in each of LottoGopher’s online lottery pools.  That gives you 100 chances at the jackpot and increases your odds of winning by 10,000%.  And if just one of those 100 tickets holds the winning numbers, everyone in the pool wins an equal share of the jackpot.

Let’s do the math on tonight’s $382 million MEGA Millions draw.  $382 million divided 100 equal ways is $3,820,000 for each player in the winning pool.  Minus the taxes, of course.  That’s not too shabby. You increase your chances to win, with minimal out of pocket expense, and still take home a decent prize.

Any way you look at it, by playing your ticket in Group Play on LottoGopher, you are turning your 1 ticket into up to 100 chances to win.  And if any of those 100 chances wins, you win.

Order your lottery ticket online at LottoGopher today, and then try out Group Play.


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