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What if you purchased a Powerball ticket for this week’s $430 million jackpot?  What if your numbers came up?  What if…your dog ate your lottery ticket?

Every year, there are over $800 million in unclaimed lottery winnings.

This means that there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of people out there who do not claim their lottery winnings by the deadline. In many lotteries, if you hold a winning ticket, you must claim your prize within 180 days following the date of the draw.  For MEGA Millions and Powerball, if you’ve won the top jackpot, you have 365 days to claim it.  If you don’t claim it in time, you lose out on the prize.

Just last year, someone in California lost out on a $63 million SuperLotto Plus jackpot when the deadline to claim it expired.

If you are like any of us here at LottoGopher, you are probably thinking, “how could that possibly ever happen?!”

So, we’ve come up with a few very real, very likely possibilities.

1) You forgot you bought a lottery ticket.
You go to the corner store to buy milk, and when you get to the checkout, you decide to buy a Powerball ticket. You stick the ticket in the bottom of your purse or bag and forget about it. You pull the purse out a few months later and find the winning ticket. But, the deadline to claim your prize has passed. Oops.

2) You lost your lottery ticket.
Another trip to the corner, but this time, when you clean out your bag a week later, your lottery ticket gets mixed in with a bunch of ATM slips and receipts.  You mistakenly throw out the ticket with the receipts. Double oops.

3) You checked the numbers on your lottery ticket incorrectly.
Remember this story we posted a few weeks ago? A man from Ontario checked his numbers and thought he hadn’t won.  He was about to throw out the ticket when his wife took it and double-checked the numbers.  It turned out he was holding a winning ticket for $23.6 million!

4)  Maybe your dog actually did chew up your ticket.
In the case of the unclaimed $63 million SuperLotto Plus jackpot, there is a gentleman who claims he holds the winning ticket. Although it’s not disclosed what happened to the ticket, California Lottery has claimed that the ticket was “too damaged to be reconstructed.”  Therefore, whether the ticket is or is not the winning ticket, the gentleman is unable to claim the prize.

Here’s the thing.  When you order your lottery tickets online at LottoGopher, you will never miss out on claiming your prize.

Your purchased ticket is placed in a secure facility until the date of the draw.  After the draw, you can check your numbers yourself.  However, LottoGopher will also check them for you.  When you’ve won, LottoGopher sends you an email alert to let you know.

  • No more forgotten tickets.
  • No more lost tickets.
  • No more misread numbers.
  • No more….eaten tickets?

And, remember, LottoGopher doesn’t take any portion or percentage of your winnings.

So, as we like to say around here at LottoGopher headquarters, just Go-Pher it!



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