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If clicking the Quick Pick button isn’t your forte, what’s your go-to strategy for picking numbers to play on Powerball?

From consulting one’s daily horoscope to playing the numbers off a fortune cookie to using common numerology equations to calculate individual lucky numbers, there are lots of ways to make your Powerball picks.

Many people choose the birth date, or the birth date of loved ones, as the numbers they play.  That means that a lot of people choosing the numbers between 1 and 12, for the months of the year, and between 1 and 31, for the days of the month.  As a result, some lottery strategists say that to increase your chances of not picking the same numbers as someone else, opt for choosing numbers higher than 31.

If none of these number picker strategies appeal to you, you can also consult LottoGopher’s Lottery Picker page for the current Hot numbers and Overdue numbers.

Hot numbers are numbers that are winning often.  Checking the frequency chart today will tell you that, in the past 50 Powerball draws, the numbers 32, 45 and 63 have come up the most often. Therefore, at this moment, they are considered ‘hot numbers’.

Overdue numbers are numbers that can be considered overdue to be drawn. This means that these numbers haven’t come up in recent draws. Going back to LottoGopher’s Frequency chart, the numbers 6 and 34 have not been drawn in the last 50 Powerball draws.

You can check out the Frequency chart and see more Hot and Overdue numbers for tonight’s Powerball draw at LottoGopher.

Or if all these lucky number options have you too overwhelmed, you always have the option to head over to LottoGopher now to order your Powerball tickets online and click the Quick Pick button for a random selection of numbers to play.


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