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UPDATE!  MEGA Millions rolled over for the 29th time last night.  The new jackpot is $382 million!  It’s the 6th largest jackpot in MEGA Millions history. And LottoGopher is celebrating by giving away 50,000 free tickets.  Go to to get yours!


This week, there’s $715 million in jackpot money to be won in California’s top 3 lotteries, starting with tonight’s $346 million MEGA Millions draw.

For 8 weeks now, there hasn’t been a winner for either of POWERBALL, MEGA Millions or SuperLotto Plus.  The last jackpot winner took home the $435 million POWERBALL prize on June 10th.  Since then POWERBALL has rolled over 16 times.  Wednesday’s jackpot is $307 million.

For MEGA Millions, which is now at $346 million, there hasn’t been a winner for the top jackpot since April 28th, which means it’s rolled over 28 times.  And SuperLotto Plus? That jackpot has been growing since January 28th. It’s now rolled over 54 times!

Although it’s true that as the jackpot grows, the number of tickets sold increases substantially.  But this does not mean that your odds of winning decreases.  That’s because the total number of possible number sequences that could be drawn remains the same regardless of the number of tickets sold.

What does change is the odds that someone else out there is playing that same numbers are you.  And that means splitting the prize if your numbers come up.  But with this much money in the jackpot, splitting it 2, 3, 5 –  or 100 ways – still means you are taking home a decent amount of money.

And if you really want to increase your odds of winning – and don’t mind splitting the winnings – you can pool your tickets.  At, you can order a ticket for POWERBALL, MEGA Millions or SuperLotto Plus and add it into one of LottoGopher’s public online pools.  If there are 100 tickets in the pool that you have added yourself to, you’ve increased your chance of winning by 10,000%.

If you’d rather play with friends, or you have an office pool, you can create your own private online pool on LottoGopher.  To learn more, go to



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