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This week, for the first time in the 15 years that Powerball and MEGA Millions have co-existed, lottery players have a chance to win two jackpots worth over $350 million in the same week.  Last night, Powerball rolled over for the 17th time and is now worth $356 million, while Friday’s MEGA Millions is at $382 million.

Add in SuperLotto Plus, which rolled over for the 55th time last night to $63 million, there’s now a total $805 million in jackpot money available to be won this weekend.

And, for anyone who’s doing the math, between these 3 top California lotteries, they’ve now rolled over a combined 101 times.

Some claim that when there’s too many large-dollar lottery jackpots at stake, a phenomenon called ‘lottery fatigue’ sets in, whereby lottery players no longer feel motivated to purchase lottery tickets when the jackpots roll over $100 million or $200 million.  Even a $300 million jackpot doesn’t catch their eye.

At LottoGopher, we say, ‘nuts to that’.  It’s convenience that these players are looking for. Why can’t we just order lottery tickets online for pete’s sake? Well……keep reading.

When jackpots get this big, so do the line-ups at the corner store. Who has time for that?!  Luckily, in California, you can order MEGA Millions, Powerball and SuperLotto Plus tickets online at LottoGopher.

And when you register at LottoGopher, you can choose to be alerted whenever a jackpot rolls over $100 million.  As soon as you receive your personal email alert, you can click straight through to and place your lottery ticket order.  There’s no need to leave your chair.

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