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Have you signed up for LottoGopher group play yet? Why not?  Joining one of LottoGopher public groups is an easy way to increase your chances of winning one of California’s top lotteries – MEGA Millions, POWERBALL or SuperLotto Plus.  These groups are a collection of lottery enthusiasts who, like you, are pursuing the same goal – to win the lottery.

If joining a public group doesn’t interest you, but you do like the idea of increasing your odds, you can build your own private online group on  Create a group, give it a great name, and invite your friends to join and pool in their tickets by sending them a private code by email.  Increase your odds of winning and, with friends, it’s much more fun to play and win.  Create a different group to pool tickets with your co-workers.  You don’t have to play just once.

The only proven way to increase your chances of winning the lottery is to have more tickets.  Adding your ticket to a LottoGopher public group, or creating a group of your own, is an inexpensive way to play more tickets.

Visit for more information and to order your tickets today.


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