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How much would you have to win before you’d quit your job? Is $1 million enough?

From The Mirror, June 28, 2017

Mum who won £1million on the Lottery refuses to quit her job behind tills at Asda

A lottery winner who landed a £1million jackpot is still working behind the tills at Asda.

Amanda Lewis, 50, refused to give up the day job despite winning the life-changing sum last year.

She kept her £9-an-hour checkout job at the store in Wolverhampton following the win.

But she is now hounded by colleagues and customers asking her to kiss their Lottery tickets for good luck.

Amanda, from Yarlet, Staffs, said other customers even ask her to pick their numbers.

Husband Barry, 52, has kept his job as a self-employed tiler following the EuroMillions Millionaire Maker win.

The couple, who have 22-year-old twins Charlotte and Ryan, have treated themselves to a new house.

Asked why they both still work, Barry said: “You still need to work to earn money.

“I like working and that’s the only way you get to meet people and socialise.

“It is nice to have a substantial amount of money as it makes you feel more secure. You haven’t got to worry about bills.

“A lot of people will say ‘I can’t believe I’ve got a millionaire tiling my bathroom’.”

Amanda added: “I have people saying, ‘I want to buy my scratchcard off that lady because she won the lottery’. I even have colleagues do that as well.

“I knew it would get out and I just thought it would be better to go public.

“It also shows people that it is possible to win something.

“We paid the mortgage off and purchased a couple of properties to rent out and bought a new home.

“We promised the kids cars if we ever won so we bought them a car each.

“We bought Barry’s dad’s property for him as well. He has always worked all his life and paid rent but he will not have to pay that anymore.”


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