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Making What’s Old New Again:

The Modernization of Antiquated Industries


With the consistent and rapid modernization of seemingly every market, it is hard to believe that antiquated industries still exist today. Although people have a natural tendency to become complacent with the way things operate, recent innovations have allowed consumers to demand instant gratification and convenience. We often do not realize just how outdated certain industries are until a better option that is more suited to people’s current needs is introduced.

LottoGopher, a lottery messenger service that allows users to easily order and manage their state lottery tickets online using a debit or credit card, is another example of a company with a goal to revamp an outdated industry. LottoGopher aims to update the way Americans play the lottery, which is surprisingly outdated given the ubiquity of online orders today.

To purchase a lottery ticket today, lotto players must go to a lottery retail location and pay in cash for a physical ticket. When the winning numbers are announced, lottery ticket holders have no option other than to remember to check their tickets to compare their lucky numbers to the winning numbers. A decade ago, the inconvenience of the responsibility to remember to check a lottery ticket would seem almost comical. However, today, it is seen as a genuine inconvenience, and the lottery hasn’t been able to keep up.

LottoGopher’s online platform makes it simple for users to keep track of their tickets and winnings, even allowing them to either play alone with a single ticket or create and join online public and private groups to pool winnings. LottoGopher also aims to solve the lesser-known problem of unclaimed winning tickets. Each year, close to $2 billion in lottery winnings go unclaimed as a result of players failing to keep up with lottery drawings. By giving users access to a platform that essentially plays the lottery for them, LottoGopher intends to keep the lottery relevant in a changing time.

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