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Information on How to Claim a Winning POWERBALL Ticket in California
By Darlene Peer

If your lucky numbers have come up, you’ll need to know how to claim a winning POWERBALL ticket in California.

How to Claim a Winning California POWERBALL Ticket

The method of claiming the prize for a winning POWERBALL ticket in California depends on the amount of the prize. The POWERBALL Jackpot must be claimed within a year of the draw date. All other prizes must be claimed within 180 days.

For prizes under $600, the prize can be claimed by visiting any lottery retail location. Just bring the ticket for validation. The prize can also be claimed by submitting a Winner Claim Form and your winning lottery ticket to California Lottery’s head office. The form can be picked up wherever lottery tickets are sold or downloaded online from the California Lottery website. Forms from a Lottery Retailer may be out of date so confirm the mailing address online at the California Lottery website if you prefer to send your claim by mail.
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