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What I Learned When I Won the $112 Million Lottery

Money changes things—fast.

When I found out I had won $112 million dollars in the California Mega Millions jackpot eight years ago, I wasn’t even watching the TV. The winning numbers had been announced a few days before, but my kids and I had forgotten to check. Then my father called and told me to look at my ticket. The random numbers aligned.

I felt elated, like I was floating.

When you win the lottery, you can either opt to go to the state lottery office or receive the check in the mail (you can also accept one lump sum or installments). My brother, father, and I decided to go collect the check, in one lump sum, in person. It was more exciting that way.

 On the way to the state lottery office, I remember thinking that this money was coming at precisely the right time—and that I had willed it into my possession.

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