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It’s no secret that California is a mecca for lottery players.  A breakdown of Mega Millions ticket purchases shows that the Golden State ranks 3rd among Continental sales, just behind Arizona and Arkansas.

So when can West Coasters expect to purchase their tickets online directly from the state lottery, like Illinois? Not on the horizon, it seems. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures regarding gambling in the ‘States, no new lottery legislature has been introduced in the State of California. While there has been some movement on the online poker front, the transition from offline to online lottery ticket sales has yet to be introduced.

What this means for local lottery players is that the state of California is unlikely to provide a means of online ticket purchasing is in the near future. Until such a time when the state begins thinking about a changeover, will continue to meet the demand both in legality and security as the best option for ordering tickets online, in California and soon, beyond.


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