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Not since May 20th, over 2 months ago, has the MegaMillions jackpot eclipsed $100 Million.  With this past Tuesday’s winning numbers gone unmatched, that prize will jump to $115 Million over the weekend.  No small number, considering Powerball is close behind at a whopping $90 Million.  Between the two, lottery buzz has been growing in California and anywhere the two games are available.  With such high jackpots, lottery players have been banding together in office and work pools to get a more inclusive number-spread.

Why should Group play matter?

Group-play is widely regarded as the smartest way to play for triple-digit jackpots.  With the odds of hitting with a single ticket being so vast, banding together to split a large jackpot is the most surefire way to increase the odds of hitting all numbers.  Part of being the premier provider for California’s online Lottery players meant we made sure to build an intuitive system of group play into the website:

As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, LottoGopher takes the extra steps to make sure our website is intuitive to use.  To better guide our members through the group process, we’ve added several tutorial videos that you can utilize when getting set up:


We encourage all new members to play their tickets with others across multiple groups, as giving one ticket the strength of a hundred can be a recipe for success!

Learn more about group play, visit the main hub at:

Play it smart, and good luck on those big jackpots this weekend!



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