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Buy Lotto Tickets Online

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 Roy Spencer of San Diego, plays the Lottery twice a week.
That means he drives to the store, stands in line, and purchases his tickets with cash.

Spencer said he didn’t realize there’s a way he can buy lotto tickets online.

“Ya, I like that,” said Spencer. “That’s more convenient.” is the first website in California where lottery players can order Powerball, Mega Millions and Superlotto Plus tickets, legally online.

“We’re not the lottery, we’re just a messenger service,” said James Morel, CEO of “We go to the store for you, we’re not offering lottery services, that’s why it’s legal.”

California residents can pay a monthly fee of $12. That allows them to purchase all the tickets they want for the same price that they would pay for them at the store. Lottery players can buy a single ticket for themselves, create an online office pool, or even join an existing Lottogopher group, that would split the winnings.

“We don’t take a cut of the winnings,” said Morel. “All of the winnings are yours and your account is credited the day after the drawing, so you don’t have to worry about losing your ticket or forgetting to check it.”

And you don’t have to worry about playing your numbers, either. Lottogopher’s subscription option allows lotto players to pick their numbers for the next four weeks in the lotto game of their choice. Then, it automatically debits your credit card.

And hopefully, luck is on your side, because Morel said every single drawing, has winners.

But some groups that deal with problem gambling say they believe websites like this one are a little too convenient. They believe it promotes gambling.

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