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Always make sure you check your tickets or ask to be able to see the what the redemption machines says when a clerk is checking it for you. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of these types of rip-off artists. Thankfully he got caught this time, good work by the North Carolina Lottery. Here’s the story as reported.

Authorities accuse store owner of keeping customer’s winning lottery ticket, trying to cash it

DUNN, N.C. — Kecia Nehring Parker’s favourite lottery numbers turned out to be lucky in more than one way.

Not only did they win her a prize of nearly $88,000, but her clockwork regularity in playing them enabled North Carolina State Education Lottery investigators to track her down after they took the winning ticket from a convenience store owner accused of trying to steal her jackpot.

“I was very surprised,” she told The Associated Press Friday. “But it’s definitely a good surprise.”

Dunn police say that when Parker brought the winning ticket into a Pop Mart, the store’s owner, Sureshbha Patel, told her it wasn’t a winner and kept it, later trying to claim its winnings for himself.

On Wednesday, Patel was arrested and charged with felony larceny and attempting to obtain property by false pretenses. He was freed after posting $50,000 bond. Read the whole story…



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