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After a graphic mistake listing the wrong numbers, the South Carolina was forced to payout two sets of winning numbers in the daily Pick 3 drawing game. The winning numbers were 2-2-6 but the graphic listing listed the winning numbers as 2-2-1 until that drawing that evening. All 2-2-6 winners can claim their prize at a local lottery dealer and those with 2-2-1 can mail in their tickets to redeem the same prize. Here’s the story as reported by

Lottery to pay 2 sets of winning numbers after mistake

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — The South Carolina lottery will pay for two separate sets of winning numbers for a Tuesday Pick 3 drawing after a graphic mistakenly listed the wrong numbers.

Lottery officials said in a news release that the numbers 2-2-6 were picked for Tuesday’s midday Pick 3 game. But a graphic listing the winning numbers before the evening drawing had the numbers as 2-2-1.

Executive Director Paula Harper Bethea says the lottery tries to be as transparent as possible and honors its mistakes.

Officials say players with 2-2-6 tickets can be claimed at stores, but players with 2-2-1 tickets will need to mail them in or take them to the lottery’s claim center in Columbia. Read the whole story…



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