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A 69 year old Florida woman, Ines Carvajal, walked into a convenient store in Kissimmee, FL with her sister who bought a scratcher. Luckily for her, it triggered her memory to check the Powerball ticket she had recently purchased. Lucky her, she was the sole winner of the $182m Powerball jackpot. She is the fourth Florida Powerball jackpot winner since the state introduced the game in January, 2009. Here’s the story as reported by the Daily Mail Reporter.

Absent-minded pensioner wins $182million in state lottery… but nearly forgot she bought a ticket

An absent-minded pensioner nearly missed out on a $182million lottery jackpot after she forgot she had bought the winning ticket.

Ines Carvajal, 69, only remembered to check her numbers when she was back in the same shop in Kissimmee, Florida, with her sister, who decided to buy a lottery scratch card, in the hope of winning big.

Her sister did not win, but now Ines is a multimillionaire maybe she will lend her a few dollars, because it was her decision to buy the scratch card that triggered the senior’s memory.

She checked her Powerball ticket for the Florida State Lottery and realised she had won.

Mrs Carvaljal said she would share the winnings with her family but declined to appear before the media.

She is only the fourth jackpot winner in Florida since the game was launched in the state in January 2009.

The store was celebrating too, because by selling her the winning ticket, it received $65,000.

Mrs Carvaljal decided to take $91million in a lump sum.

Memory loss is not uncommon among adults of her age. Read the whole story…



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