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Not every lottery winner spends their prize money on frivolous luxury.  In Kansas, one individual who has chosen to remain anonymous, has given their $10,000 winning lottery ticket to a hospital in Beloit.

This person obviously knew how much their ticket was worth and decided to mail it to the hospital.Here is the story reported by Jared Cerullo on

Anonymous Donor Gives Lottery Ticket To Kansas Hospital

Imagine the surprise to open your mail and find a lottery ticket worth thousands of dollars. It happened in one Kansas county this month and now the hospital in Beloit is all the richer for it.

Hospitals in small communities such as the one in Mitchell County are a big deal. That’s why, when Susan Concannon opened up an anonymous letter a few weeks ago, she was completely overjoyed.

“$10,000!!!” Concannon exclaimed as she showed us the celebratory check from the Kansas Lottery.

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