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Here is a heartwarming story out of Kentucky. She had just lost her home to a fire, but with a stroke of luck, the lottery came to the rescue. Here is the story as reported by the Lottery Post.

A Kentucky woman facing disaster has been literally lifted from the ashes by a miracle $80,000 lottery win.

Kentucky woman wins ‘miracle lottery prize’ after home destroyed

Sandra Ramirez, 44, of Cadiz, Kentucky, was devastated last month when her home was destroyed by fire.  She was at work on Sept. 20th when she received a call that her house was on fire.  When she arrived home there was nothing left.

Then, on Thursday morning, Oct. 7, she received a miracle phone call from Kentucky Lottery officials:  Ramirez had won $80,000 in the Kentucky Lottery’s Gold Bar Bonanza Ultimate Second Chance drawing.

At first, Ramirez thought her winning ticket had burned up in the fire. Winners must be able to present the ticket entered in order to claim their prize.

When I was told I had won $80,000, I just couldn’t believe it, but then I panicked,” said Ramirez. “I immediately thought, ‘Oh, my God, the tickets burned up in the fire.'”

Fortunately for Ramirez, who said she did not own a computer and entered the drawing online at either the public library or her parents’ house, she had left the tickets at her parents’ house.

“I was ready to jump in the car and go search through the rubble until it hit me that the ticket could be at my parents’ house,” she said.

Ramirez drove there and found the tickets next to their computer.

“I did my happy dance,” she said. Read the whole story…


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