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This former Jersey City resident claims he lost his $4m winning lottery ticket on the bus in 2002. He’s been fighting it ever since, now filing his 27th lawsuit. We can all appreciate a man fighting the good fight, but just not losing your lottery ticket is probably a better idea. It’s a good thing this will never happen to our LottoGopher members! Here’s the story as reported by

Former Jersey City resident files 27 lawsuits in continuing fight for $4 mil lotto winnings he claims was rightfully his

Former Jersey City resident Isaac Mendez knows what every lottery player knows is the key to winning—never giving up. Mendez, who claims he is the original purchaser of a $4 million lottery ticket, is continuing the legal fight for the money which he says is rightfully his, according to today’s Jersey Journal.

In 2002, Mendez says he bought the ticket but lost it on a bus on Washington Street. By the time he contacted the state Lottery Commission, the ticket had already been claimed by Maribel and Reynaldo Torres, a brother and sister from Union City, reports say.

When Mendez filed a lawsuit in 2003 in Hudson County Superior Court against the Lottery Commission and the Union City siblings, the courts decided that the Torreses were the purchasers of the ticket and awarded them the winning, reports say.

Since then, Mendez has filed a tort claim for $300 million against 27 defendants, including the Attorney General’s Office, the state Lottery Commission, the state Department of Treasury, the state Department of Archives and Records Management and the Torres siblings, alleging obstruction of justice, fraud, negligence and perjury according to reports. Read the whole story…


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