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Did you know that you could earn free lottery tickets? has built a robust rewards program for members to enable you to earn up to 4,190 free lottery tickets!

Here’s how it works:

1.   Invite friends with your personal invite code via email, Facebook, Twitter, or your blog.

2.   For each invitee that becomes a paid member for at least 30 days you earn referral credit.

3.   The more friends you invite, the more free lottery tickets you earn!

So get started quickly, post to your social media profiles and email your friends. Here are all the ways you can invite friends to LottoGopher

Once you have logged into your LottoGopher account and clicked the “My Account” button, simply click the blue “Invite Friends” button on the bottom left of the screen.

This will bring you to the Invite Friends page. On this page you can invite friends the following ways:

Use Your Personal Invite Link:
You can copy and paste this link into an e-mail, instant message, put it on your website or send in out in any other way. This is a general use link with your referral code to credit your account when a paid member signs up via this link.

Tweet About It:
Click this link and log into your Twitter account. You will be brought to a share page on Twitter with our generic text. Twitter will automatically shorten the link with their link-shortener. You will notice that your referral link is posted below. You can edit our text as you wish (just be sure to keep the link intact) and share it on Twitter.

Facebook It:
Click this link and log into your Facebook account. You will notice your LottoGopher referral code in the address bar. Enter the text you would like to share and click the share button to post it to your Facebook newsfeed.

Logo / Badges / Banners:
If you run your own blog or website these will be useful. Click on the link and you will be brought to our Banner & Badges page. Beneath each badge or banner is the embed code with your referral code inside of it. Simply choose your favorite badge or banner and copy & paste the embed code onto your website or blog. Whenever a reader clicks on the badge or banner they will be brought to LottoGopher via your referral code.

*Tip: You can change the size of the banner or badge in the code, but make sure you keep the proportions relative for best aesthetic quality.

You can e-mail a friend, group of friends or your entire address book. Use the top box to email your friends individually or by groups (e-mails separated by commas) and use the bottom box to select your e-mail provider and invite your whole address book. Enter a personal message and click send!

You will also notice on your “My Groups” page you can “Invite Friends”. All of the options are the same and everything works the same way. The only difference is you are inviting a friend to join that group- use this if you’re in a group that you love or when creating your own group. No matter what, if your friend becomes a paid member – your account will be credited towards free tickets.

If you have questions on how to email us at or call us at 1-866-LOTTO-GO.

To see all the rewards you can earn, click here.


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