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A Florida woman was excluded from from her portion of a $16,000,000 jackpot. She has been playing the lottery with the same lottery pool at work for 9 years. When they finally hit the lucky numbers the co-workers claimed she wasn’t there so she does not get a portion of the winnings. For years the co-workers routinely covered the members of the pool who were not a work, throwing a dollar in for them. It doesn’t seem like anyone will be seeing their portion of the $16 million because now the jackpot is tied up in court. Don’t let this happen to you or someone in your lottery pool, use LottoGopher to manage your lottery pool so no one ever misses putting their dollar in the pot. Create private group so it can be just for you and your lottery pool (or join one of the many public lottery groups we have on the site.)

Here’s the story as reported by ABC.

Florida Lottery Winners Exclude Co-Worker

Grandma Claims She Was Spotted by Coworker in 16 Million Dollar Lotto Pool

Jeanette French wasn’t at the Golf Shop the day her co-workers hit the jackpot, winning $16 million in the Florida lottery.

For nine years, French, 72, has been part of the group of employees at the Villages’ Hacienda Hills Country Club that pools money each week to buy lottery tickets, each putting in a dollar.

In the past, when group members were unavailable to put their dollar in the pot, a fellow member would spot them, her lawyer, Tom Culmo, told ABC News.

Culmo said that was the case with his client.

“She had communication with one of the other employees who said he would put in a dollar for her,” he said. “Employees would routinely cover for each other. She paid back the dollar Thursday morning, and she was given the ticket to check to see if they had won.

“After she realized the group won, she gave back the ticket. She wasn’t worried if she handed back the ticket she wouldn’t be part of the group,” Culmo said.

But the group refused to split the winnings with her, claiming that French did not contribute to the pot. French has filed a lawsuit against them.

“We filed an emergency petition for an injunction to prevent the lottery from dispersing the money,” Culmo said. “The court granted the injunction. However, as of late last week, the seven other winners retained a lawyer and we have worked out an agreement that will allow the seven winners to collect 1/8th of the winnings per person.

The remaining 8th will remain in a trust account until the situation is resolved or the court determines who should get the money,” Culmo said. Read the whole story…


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