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The New Jersey State Lottery is warning residents of New Jersey of an ongoing lottery scam. Residents are receiving phone calls that claim they won a large cash prize and that they only have to pay a small “processing fee” to claim it. Remember, NO STATE LOTTERY requires a winner to pay, give or send money to claim a prize. No matter what state you are in, always be weary of phone calls stating that you have won a large cash prize, lottery or otherwise. Here’s the news release from the New Jersey State Lottery.


Never Send Money to Callers Requiring Jackpot ‘Processing Fee’

Trenton, NJ – “Telephone scam artists are preying on state residents, and the New Jersey Lottery and New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs are warning everyone to be wary of any caller who claims he or she represents the Lottery. New Jerseyans are getting calls saying they will receive a big jackpot if they only pay small “processing fees,” said Carole Hedinger, Acting Lottery Director.

“The Lottery never requires winners to pay a fee to collect what they are owed, and prizes can never be claimed over the telephone,” Hedinger said. “Recipients of these fraudulent calls by scam artists should immediately report the incidents to the Lottery, the Division of Consumer Affairs, or the police.”

“As part of their scams, thieves ask for bank account and credit card numbers and other personal information. The Lottery never asks for personal financial information over the phone,” said Thomas R. Calcagni, Acting Director of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs.

“Unfortunately, these lottery scam artists take advantage of unsuspecting people,” Calcagni said.  “If New Jersey residents believe they may have been victims of a hoax, they are urged to contact the Lottery’s Security Office at (609) 599-6100 or the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs at (800) 242-5846.”


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