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Patricia Eisel, an Irishwoman, currently living in Long Island, was working as a waitress and struggling to support herself and two children. She was unable to travel to Ireland for the holidays due to the treacherous weather that practically brought the entire Northeast region of America to a halt over the holiday season. On a whim she picked up a few lotto tickets while grocery shopping and luck struck. She won the $21.5m New York Lottery jackpot with a cash take home of $8m. Although she was separated from her husband, Jamie Eisel, for 2 years, their divorce was never finalized. Here’s the story from the Lottery Post.

Estranged husband of N.Y. Lottery winner to sue for his share

The estranged husband of the Irishwoman who won a $21.5 million New York Lottery jackpot is set to sue her for his share of the winnings.

Patricia Daley Eisel’s divorce from her husband, Jamie Eisel, was not yet finalised at the time of her win — which worked out to $8 million after taxes — in January.  (See Long Island waitress wins $21.5M Lotto jackpotLottery Post, Jan. 28, 2011.)

They separated a year ago, after 13 years of marriage, and he is now living with a new partner. Patricia and Jamie have three children together.

The New York Post reports that Jamie Eisel is the subject of $8,000 worth of claims by three banks and the state, according to court records.

Daley Eisel was working two jobs — as a waitress and a babysitter — when she drew the winning six numbers.  She should have been back in her native Offaly at the time, but bad weather meant her flight home was cancelled, and so she ended up spending Christmas in New York — where she played the lottery on a whim while doing her grocery shopping.

According to the Irish Echo:

Having won seven dollars on a previous lottery draw, she revealed how she asked the teller “What’s on tonight?'”. He said, “Powerball and Lottery”. “I added a dollar to my $7 ticket and said, ‘Give me a $4 quick pick on both’.”

She was doing her laundry the next day when she decided to check her numbers — however, it was another three weeks before she claimed the money.

I got nervous, I didn’t want any attention on my kids and I wanted to think.

Lawyers told the New York Post that Jamie Eisel may be entitled to up to half the winnings. “Generally, monies that are from the lottery are deemed to be marital monies. It’s subject to equitable distribution in New York,” attorney Marilyn Chinitz said.

However, Irish Central reports that Eisel’s co-workers at the Saloon Bar in Long Beach say her ex-husband shouldn’t get a share.

One waitress told The New York Post, “They had a contentious relationship. I bet [Jamie’s] sorry now. She looks better than she ever did. She looks like she’s glowing.”

Eisel said at the time her win was a godsend. Read the whole story…




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