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We’ve asked you before – what would do buy if you won the lottery? Well here’s what some folks did with their new found fortune. Anyone else need a flock of sheep? Reported by

Top 10 odd purchases made by lottery winners

Boob jobs, a flock of sheep and a new pair of KNEES are among Lottery winners’ most unusual purchases, a new book has revealed.

Newly-made millionaires have also splashed out on a whiskey factory, a Robin Reliant and even a ‘Lady’ title to secure the best table in restaurants.

A sizeable chunk of land with 300 trees, a hair salon, a racehorse and a bid to get into the pop charts are also among winners’ odd purchases revealed in the book ‘We Won the Lottery’.

Cosmetic surgery is popular choice for winners with nearly one in four having splashed out for either themselves, a friend or a relative.

It’s not known if the size of breast implants increases depending on the size of the jackpot… or what op someone has if they get the bonus ball.
The book also explores the experience of five individuals and syndicates who scooped the jackpot.

Stories include Bob Bradley, 83, who won £3,507,063 in 2006, who made his son and grandson millionaires and hired a helicopter to take his great grandson to a school prom.

It also reveals how £10 million winner Peter Lavery from Northern Ireland bought more than 40 cars as well as his own Danny Boy whiskey label.

And that of Sarah Cockings who was just 21 when she scooped a £3.4 million jackpot and treated her two sisters to breast enlargements.


1. Record and released a single  (Roger Griffiths)
2. Pair of new knees   (Tony and Greta Dodd)
3. Hair salon  (Wendy Brown)
4. Racehorse (Dean Hardman)
5. Robin Reliant (Michael Eggleston)
6. Woodland and 300 new trees  (Thea Bristow)
7. Breast enlargements for her two sisters (Sarah Coppings)
8. Flock of sheep (David Funnell)
9. Whiskey factory (Peter Lavery)
10. A ‘Lady’ title (Sarah Creighton)

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