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You have to admit this is pretty awesome. I guess the New Mexico State Lottery found the one thing that hasn’t been branded by Kiss yet – that’s right lotto ticket scratchers. They look awesome and I’m sure are just as fun to play. My hat is off to Kiss and the New Mexico State Lottery! Here’s the whole story as reported by

With lottery-tickets deal, KISS logo is now officially on everything

I wanna to rock ‘n’ roll all night … and gamble ev-er-y-day. Couldn’t resist, folks. KISS has just signed its first licensing deal for lottery tickets. The scratchers, capturing the best of KISS face paint and pleather regalia, launch into the $225-billion-a-year global lottery industry next week. The deal between the band/pop-culture brand and the New Mexico Lottery must represent the zillionth piece of KISS merchandise, or close to it. The finely honed marketing machine that is KISS, indistinguishable from the guys who used to (and still occasionally do) play music, has always been genius about using its image to sell product. (The band has sold 80 million records, too.) This time, fans plunking down hard-earned cash for KISS swag will be contributing to the state’s higher-education fund. If the tickets sell out, they’ll raise about $900,000 for scholarships, New Mexico lotto officials say. Read the whole story…


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