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Most of us would consider ourselves lucky to win $5 or even the lottery jackpot, even if it’s only one time in our lives. But how about 7 times? This may sound unbelievable. But it has happened for Richard Lustig in Orlando Florida.

And yes, he does claim to have his own special method, which he has written about and sells to paying customers.  He has chosen to reveal a probabilistic approach by  purchasing lottery tickets on a daily basis.  Also, he said that he  has been developing and refining his method for years.

Curious to learn more? Here is the story as reported by

Man Wins Lottery Grand Prize For 7th Time

ORLANDO, Fla. — An Orlando man is having a streak of lottery luck. Richard Lustig just cashed in on a winning Fantasy 5 ticket worth nearly $100,000. It’s the seventh time he’s won a lottery grand prize and he told WFTV he plans to keep on playing.“You can win and I’ve proven it,” Lustig told WFTV.Lustig said he had a special method to how he plays the lottery, but would not reveal his secret.“I can’t just give it away. I have it printed out and I have been selling it to people.”Lustig, who owns an entertainment company in Orlando, bought the winning Fantasy 5 ticket at the Publix on Town Center Boulevard. He says he’s been perfecting his method of playing the lottery for years. Read the whole story…

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