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Another great example of the benefit of getting together and office pool for your lottery play. They may not have won enough to retire – but who couldn’t go for an extra quarter million dollars right now. The group of 14 split a $3.6m Canadian lottery jackpot! Playing a lottery pool always increases you chances to win the lottery. Now you can do it all online with LottoGopher where we’ll divvy up the group’s lottery winnings for you! Here’s a summary of the story as reported by the Calgary Herald on June 8th.

Cargill staff split $3.6M jackpot

A group of employees at the High River Cargill plant have won a $3.6-million lottery prize.

Thirteen co-workers at the meat-processing facility, and one former staff member, will each take home about $259,000.

None of the group members plan to retire, but instead plan to invest the winnings, pay down mortgages and purchase cars and boats, according to the Western Canada Lottery Corp.

The Cargill workers have been pooling their money for years but have never won a large prize until now.


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