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Here’s another success story coming from the Golden State. A lottery pool of 20 IT workers in the hunt for last night’s large $115,000,000 MEGA Millions jackpot hit all 5 numbers, just missing the MEGA ball, 36. Regardless of the missed MEGA ball the group of 20 will split a nice chunk of change in lottery winnings, $667,000. Planned spending include vacations, appliances, rides and kid’s tuition. NICE! Here’s the story as reported by

Twenty IT Workers Share $667,000 MEGA Millions® Prize

SACRAMENTO – A new refrigerator, a trip to the Virgin Islands, a down payment on a Mercedes SL 500 and a big check to a child’s college fund will all be part of the future for a group of 20 co-workers.

The workers, who are all employed at the Anaheim location of Dynamic Details Inc., which manufactures PC boards, are all splitting a MEGA Millions prize worth $667,352. The group includes people with a variety of jobs at the company, including a lab technician, a purchasing agent and a quality control official.

The leader of the group, which has been playing together for the past three months, is Chris Roxas from Anaheim. “I couldn’t believe it when I won,” he said.

But Roxas said he had a premonition. Last week, he took his brother to lunch and his brother asked about the reason for his generosity. Roxas quickly blurted out: “Because I’m going to win the Lottery.”

Roxas’s ticket was one of two to successfully match five of six numbers in the August 20 draw – 13, 4, 20, 48, 29, and missed only the Mega number of 36. The other ticket was purchased in Ridgecrest. Roxas purchased his ticket at Magnolia & Crescent Liquor, which is located at 540 42 North Magnolia in Anaheim.


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