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Most people want a Ferrari, Bentley or Lamborghini, but not for Sharon Mather, who recently won the EuroMillions lottery jackpot of £12.4m. She’s going out and picking herself a brand spankin’ new Peugeot 207. Her husband, however, has his eyes set on the new Audi Q7 – a little more lotto winner style. But to each his own! Congrats to Sharon from LottoGopher, we hope your new Peugeot is everything you dreamed of! Several years ago this same couple won £2,400 for matching 5 of 6 numbers, just go to show – keep the dream alive and one day it shall come true! Here’s the full story as reported by on June 16th.

Lottery winners to start spending £12 million win – with Peugeot 207

Mum Sharon Mather yesterday celebrated winning £12.4 million on the lottery and immediately picked out her dream car.

She can now easily afford a Ferrari, Porsche or Aston Martin but there’s only one model in her sights – a Peugeot 207 costing just under £11,000.

The EuroMillions jackpot win means a future life of luxury for Sharon, 44, and her family. And it’s all thanks to her dad John Morris, 64, who paid for a week in a seaside caravan with her husband Nigel, 44, and their children Rhys, four, and one-year-old Lewis.

It was while they were on holiday in Minehead, Somerset, that she bought her winning lucky dip ticket at a newsagent’s.

And yesterday she said: “The win is all thanks to dad’s generosity.

“We had to cut the trip short to see him in hospital as he wasn’t well. But he’s recovering and we were thrilled to tell him of his amazing gift. We’ll make sure we return the favour.”

For hotel manager Nigel, the win means Christmas has come early. He has served dinner to his guests every Christmas for the last 25 years but this year he and Sharon will feast at one of the world’s great hotels. Nigel, who has his eye on a £40,000 Audi Q7 fourwheel drive, said: “It’ll make a change to have a turkey dinner myself.”

Sharon, of Sale, Manchester, revealed that before checking her ticket on TV she won £10 on Saturday’s National Lottery and £20 on a scratchcard – and Nigel had landed a £25 premium bonds prize.

“Then I found I’d won EuroMillions in the Friday draw,” she said. “Nigel was at the supermarket and I phoned him to come home quick. He thought there was something wrong till I told him.”

The couple popped champagne corks ZFootball at Manchester City FC’s ground, where Nigel is a fan, and brandished a team shirt with the numbers of their prize.

Sharon had only recently returned from maternity leave to her job as a council information officer. But she said: “I really missed the children when I went back to work, so I’m delighted I can now stay at home with them.”

Nigel, a local hero when he saved an elderly woman from a flat fire 10 years ago, also came close previously to winning £9million on the National Lottery but had to settle for £2,400 for matching five numbers. “I’d thought that was my one big chance,” he said.

He was back at work at 8am on Monday at the Menzies Pinewood Hotel in Manchester, but told his bosses it might not be for much longer. “I’m thinking of taking a year out,” he said.

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