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Unfortunately this is not the first time we are hearing something like this. It’s unclear as to whether the man actually won $9k or not, however, when you’re collecting a lottery winner always be aware of what the clerk is doing with your ticket. Too many people get shamed and as much as we would all love to trust everyone – you must beware. Of course, with LottoGopher – this would never happen to you! Here’s the story reported by

Man: Clerk tossed winning lottery ticket

A Jackson County convenience store owner has filed trespassing charges against an Athens man who claims that a clerk at the store, located on U.S. 441 in Nicholson, threw away his winning lottery ticket, according to a Jackson County sheriff’s report

The 59-year-old man called sheriff’s deputies from the parking lot of the convenience store about 11 a.m. He told authorities that a few days earlier he had bought a lottery ticket from the store and won $9,000. He gave the ticket to the cashier, and the cashier threw it in the trash, the man told deputies. The man had been back to the store every day since then, trying to claim his money.


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