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Matching 5 or 6 numbers on the Mega Millions isn’t bad. This pool of 7 Texans collected a $250,000 prize and will split it evenly 7 ways. Here’s the story reported by

Local Residents Win $250,000 Texas Lottery Prize

According to the Texas Lottery, a winning $250,000 ticket was sold at the Taylor Petroleum Company Convenience store located at 128 Early Blvd in Early.  The ticket matched all five winning numbers in Tuesday night’s Mega Millions drawing.

The lucky winners were a group of 7 employees from the local Texas Department of Transportation office: Margie Poe, John Finley, Mark Hale, Micah Shaw, Brad Swenson, Larry Skaggs, and Jay Green. The group pooled their money and bought a total of four Quick Pick tickets which are randomly selected numbers by the lottery computer.  One set of their numbers matched the numbers drawn Tuesday night which were 3-25-28-29-40.

Shaw said the he and the other winners took a day off of work this week to enjoy a short trip to Abilene to collect their winnings.  They will split the winnings evenly 7 ways.

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