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Another great lottery jackpot winner story. They played the same numbers for 15 years! Just goes to show – don’t give up! Good for Mom and Daughter! Here’s the story as reported by Winnipeg Free Press.

Winnipeg mother, daughter share $3.7-M lottery jackpot

IT was hard to tell if Winnipeg’s newest millionaires were suffering from shock or a lack of sleep Friday afternoon.

Kathleen and Angela Shesterniak, a mother and daughter from Winnipeg who have been playing the same set of numbers for nearly 15 years, were the sole winners of the Lotto 6-49 jackpot drawn Wednesday.

According to Kathleen, 77, who heard the winning numbers and immediately knew a part of the $3,701,103 prize was in her future, the windfall will truly become a family affair.

“I just want to help the family out right now,” she said, referring to her three children and five grandchildren. “I want to see them be able to enjoy it.”

Kathleen immediately called her daughter that night. Once it became apparent they were sitting on a winner, both Shesterniaks checked the ticket more than a couple of times, making sure the numbers were correct.

Angela, 42, said she even took a peek at the video player on the lotteries website, just to watch the numbered balls tumble out of the hopper.

“Don’t ask me to remember the order,” she said. “I couldn’t fall asleep (Wednesday night). You can’t shut your mind off. You’re so excited and it’s just so surreal.”

The winning ticket was purchased at a grocery store on Henderson Highway.

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