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A 45 member lottery pool (or syndicate as they say in the UK) hit a £78,723 prize in EuroMillions game. Each member collected about £1,500 in individual lottery winnings. Here’s the story from

Syndicate Sails to Lotto Win

A syndicate of National Lottery players who all work at Princess Yachts in Plympton, Devon, celebrated a Lotto win of £78,723 with beer and cake. The syndicate members, who spend their working lives designing and building luxury yachts, matched five main numbers and the Bonus Ball in the Lotto game on Saturday 13 March. The lottery results on that day were 23, 25, 28, 33, 44 and 49, and the Bonus Ball was 46. The syndicate has 45 members, so each one will get to enjoy a personal share of the prize worth £1,749.

The lottery syndicate, which is currently led by 49 year old Kenneth Finnigan, has been playing the Lotto ever since it first started. “I took over the syndicate last year and suggested that instead of picking our own numbers, we all pick lucky dips and stick with those,” Kenneth said, “so that’s what we did – and it’s paid dividends.”

He continued: “We’ve had a few little wins over the years – £2,000 was our biggest – but this is amazing. The majority of the guys are planning holidays to places like Cyprus and Turkey, and there’s quite a few of us who are going to buy new televisions.”

So when did Kenneth discover the syndicate win? “I usually check our tickets on the Sunday, but because it was Mothers’ Day, I didn’t get round to it until the Monday morning at work,” he said. “My colleague Gary Smith had already checked them and said we might have won something, but wouldn’t tell me any more.

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