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On Saturday, February 26th, the Maryland Lottery drawing game, Pick 4, resulted in a 4 of a kind of 4s, 4-4-4-4. There were 2,800 lucky winners in the jackpot. The Maryland Lottery is to payout an approximate total of $7,000,000 in lottery winnings. It seems that 4 of a kindHere’s the story from the Lottery Post.

Maryland Lottery Pick 4 drawing generates huge payout

2,800 Maryland lottery players hit 4-4-4-4 combination

Players of the Maryland Lottery’s Pick 4 game hit a grand slam of sorts this weekend, and a payout record was tied in the process.

Lottery officials said Saturday’s 4-4-4-4 drawing in the Pick 4 game paid out $7 million, which was the state’s record for daily games.

The drawing took in about $458,000 in sales. Officials said 2,800 players had the winning numbers.

“While players fare well when Pick 4 drawings result in four-of-a-kind, payouts for the game often top the charts as the Lottery incurs its maximum liability of $7 million,” the Lottery said in a news release. Read the whole story…



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